Stephen King Story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone Goes to Netflix

A story from the Stephen King anthology, If It Bleeds, is already in the works as a Netflix Original. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is about a young boy who befriends a billionaire. When he dies, the boy finds out that he can communicate with him through an old iPhone of his.

Stephen King is somewhat of a Netflix darling. In the past three years, we have seen a clump of his novel adaptations over at Netflix. he also became the flavor of the season for Big Hollywood, as these years saw three big Stephen King releases, It, It 2 and Dr. Sleep. Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy are developing the project. John Lee Hancock will write the script for the upcoming horror movie.

Netflix has always shown their love for horror with some of its biggest projects for a couple of years being horror fiction. This year, Netflix launched two India-based horror series. One was the Patrick Graham directorial Betaal. The second one was the Anushka Sharma production, Bulbbul. So, its no surprise that another Stephen King story is coming to the Big N already. If It Bleeds is now available on Amazon.

It is interesting to see that Netflix and other horror content creators are still looking at novels and comic books to get stories. Maybe that’s the much needed sign for book authors that they still have it in them to sign up someday with the big ticket.

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