Halloween Kills Release Postponed to 2021

Halloween Kills, the upcoming Halloween movie will not release in October this year as planned. John Carpenter and director David Gordon Green revealed the new release date, October 15, 2021, via a joint statement.

Halloween franchise has shown how a retro franchise can rise from the ashes and still be relevant – decades after the first Hollywood horror movie hit theaters. The franchise is a feather in the Blumhouse cap. The first movie in the new story arc released in 2018.  Since then, it is one of the most anticipated horror movies in India as well as abroad. Blumhouse has done some excellent work with the franchise.

Watch Halloween Kills Teaser:

With the news though, the franchise fans had something to look forward to – a brand new teaser that has the Jamie Lee Curtis’ character escape her antagonist, Michael Myers, in a pickup van, with the police lights in the vicinity. This is the closest that we have come to the movie’s storyline or cast, though there are several rumors. IHC first told you that the franchise was looking at bringing back two of the iconic characters, including the one that Donald Pleasance played.  We also told you that Halloween might not release this October, and this news report confirms that.

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