Courtyard 704 Trailer Is Out and Looks Promising

Courtyard 704 is an upcoming Marathi horror web series from the House of Gemplex. The trailer hit Social Media yesterday and a teaser trailer today. The series tackles an interesting horror premise. In the series, the young couple shifts to the new place get pally with the neighbors and life’s going on well. That’s until the woman gets pregnant and there’s a deep dark secret about to unfold.

The trailer looks interesting and the production values are good. Probably,  the project was shot during lockdown, given the absence of crowd shots and lesser cast seen in the specific scenes. If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how this experience pans out. Very few film-makers have shot movies during the lockdown. Until now is Ram Gopal Varma’s Coronavirus is on the cards.

There are a few Marathi horror options.  Vishal Furia directed the iconic Marathi horror movie Lapachhapi. This year, he announced Bali, his upcoming Marathi horror film. Shooting for the movie has wrapped up and it should be in post-production now.

Watch Courtyard 704 Trailer:

The series features Pratiksha Mungekar, Charwak Madhuri, Vandana Marathe, Chandrajit Ranavade, Nilesh Mane, Pragati Naik, Vikrant Wadkar and others. The supporting cast is Balkrishna Vaidya, Pragati Manjarekar, Dancy Mistry, Rakesh Jadhav, Animesh Silimkar, Kavita Wagh, Hemangi Chavan, Digambar, Marmika K. Kiran Narayan Kambli directs.

Courtyard 704 streams exclusively on Gemplex from July 20.

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