Amavas Ki Raat: The Demon Who Lived Thrice

Amavas ki Raat is a Bollywood horror movie that hit theaters in 1990. This makes it a naughty-nineties release, and we know what means. In the nineties, Bollywood movie makers and even Bollywood audiences had a decent exposure to Hollywood fare. By 1995, globalization had reached Indian shores and Pepsi and Goldspot were fighting for the customer’s attention. In the same way,  Bollywood and Hollywood movies were also fighting for attention in the 1990s, if not in the theaters, in the VCR circuit. So, Indian directors took it upon themselves to create a mishmash of foreign concepts and Indian to create faux modern Bollywood entertainers. Here’s one for the galleries, Amavas ki Raat.


A woman learns black magic from her husband. The woman’s sister is abandoned by her husband. When the black magic woman reaches her sister, she dies, the unborn child in her womb. The black magician decides to revive the child, even though her husband dissuades her. When she disagrees, her husband abandons her as well. The child grows up to be a serial killer and a menace to society.

As the crime wave extends all over the city, several innocent families are people no longer venture out on the no-moon night, because that’s when the demon child stalks and kills.  The police commissioner is hot on the heels of the murderer, but the black magic woman pulls out all stops, to ensure that the demon child lives. What happens next? Does Good win over Evil as always, or is there a twist? To know this and more, you need to watch Mohan Bhakri’s Amavas Ki Raat.

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Amavas ki Raat Synopsis:

Amavas ki Raat is a typical Bhakri movie. High on content, a bit middling on commercial and production values, and an overall modern look that’s more Yash Johar and less Shyam Ramsay.  This Bollywood horror movie has the usual suspects as the star cast, Javed Khan, Kunika, Kiran Kumar. Wth them there are two surprises. One is that the Shammi Aunty plays the female black magician. Shammi Aunty is popular for playing hyper-sugary roles in mainstream Bollywood horror movies. Seeing her as the Black Magician is a revelation in itself, and proof that there can be no one historian who knows everything about Bollywood.

The other interesting aspect is the guy who plays the demon, Manek Irani, Irani was a staple of Bollywood fantasy and action movies in the eighties and the nineties, but he has never had so much of a screen presence. He was either the baddie that the protagonist beats up at the beginning of the movie or just a henchman who doesn’t get many scenes or dialogues. The only other movie where Manek has an incredible screen presence it the 80s fantasy movie Pataal Bhairavi.

And the character does complete justice to Manek’s heavy, chiselled physique. Very few Bollywood horror movies take pains to create the anti-hero. In Amavas ki Raat, the demon meets his gory, bloody end not once, but thrice. First, he’s dead on arrival. Second, he falls to a volley of bullets. Third, he is actually turned into dust, but still returns to life. How they finally do away with him is a unique story in itself. And no, it’s not some ancient pendant that kills him off.

The Bollywood Horror movie has a decent script and screenplay. The deaths portrayed on screen are gory enough and one of the death sequences is an inspiration.  The climactic battle is very similar to the Terminator, but of course, it’s not done like it should have been.

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