Train to Busan Director Yeon Sang-ho brings Hell


Yeon Sang-ho directed Train to Busan. That movie changed the way audiences looked at South East Asia horror. The Korean Horror Movie already has a sequel in line. Meanwhile, the director, Yeon Sang-ho is making another series for Netflix, titled, quite simply, Hell.
The series, like all the other ones that are hearing about coming out of Korea deals with the working class/rich class divide with a supernatural twist. The Netflix Series is the adaptation of a web-toon of the same name.
In the story, people are living in social chaos. Supernatural Beings start condemning people, and a religious group says that this might be God’s will. Netflix has got  taste of Korean horror with the Netflix Original movie Platform. Then, of course, we have Parasite, the Korean movie that won not one but two Oscars.

Lezhin Studio, famous for converting webcomics to major projects on the small and big screen, is working on bringing Hell to Netflix as well. Of course, because of the current situation, there’s no update on when the project will hit the production floors.

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