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Saw Reboot Jumps to May 2021 Release

The Saw Reboot, Spiral: From The Book of Saw had a middling response when the trailer released. Soon after that, the Coronavirus hit the world and everything came to a standstill. Many movies that were looking for a May release will now have to postpone their release date.
That’s because even if the movies are ready for release, they need at least a couple of months of promotions. Many Hollywood flicks are now looking at quarantining their movies from piracy – that’s a big problem and my guess would be all the suits over at the big production companies are already getting their IP budgets stronger.
I am sure a couple of Hollywood horror movies will undergo the ‘forward towards’ format as well and one of them assured ones right now is the Saw Reboot Spiral: From the Book of Saw. The release date for that movie has jumped to May 2021, taking it into the summer blockbuster region instead of the Overwhelming October region.

Watch Saw Reboot Spiral Trailer Here:

The Hollywood Horror Movie had unique written all over it already. Chris Rock, better known for his comedy movies wrote the script and headlined the movie.
The trailer shows him as a hardboiled cop who’s embroiled in the Saw universe. The initial release date was 15 May. I have written about the underwhelming nature of the Saw trailer earlier. I sincerely hope this movie proves me wrong.
In the movie, Samuel L Jackson plays an aging cop and Chris Rock is in the police force when a serial killer is targeting policemen and women. After a few deaths, Rock’s character finds out why and who is targeting the police force – the question stands though, will he able to handle what’s coming?

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