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MX Player Streams Horror Classic Movies For Free

MX Player is a great streaming platform actually. It’s great because its offering quality streaming content that few streaming platforms can compare to – it’s free. I like several of their web series. I have reviewed a couple of them for the site I used to work for earlier. The movie is also home to some iconic Bollywood horror movies like Ram Gopal Varma’s Bhoot.
It’s the lockdown now and I was looking for some alternate platforms that showed horror content. Netflix and Amazon have generic, popular horror titles. MX Player that takes the cake when it comes to horror content in India.
The platform offers some of the most obscure and retro horror movies that come out of Hollywood. There are several, like the 1973 Raw Meat, the 1963 Doctor of Doom, the 1979 Driller Killer, so on and so forth.
The movies that I glanced through are DVD quality and not the best quality that one would want to watch their favorite Bollywood horror movie. However, this is one of the few chances for horror lovers to watch these obscure movies, legally and maybe with subtitles.
I am not sure how long these movies, even the Bollywood horror movies,  will be available and I am sure nobody will be able to watch all of them by the time they slowly start disappearing from the platform. So, I’d suggest you guys catch these movies at the earliest – these are rare movies for the Indian audience.

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