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James Wan Will Produce Time Travel Movie Hunting Season

James Wan is arguably the man who can do it all. The man behind such pathbreaking franchises like The Conjuring and Aquaman is now setting his eyes on the time travel genre. He will be producing the movie Hunting Season.
Derek Kolstad, who wrote John Wick is bringing to the screen a Frank Robinson sci-fi tale, Hunting Season.The story is about a man who’s judged to be an enemy of the state and will be put to death in a creative manner.
He will be sent back in time and chased by a posse. The story first hit consciousness all over in 1951 in the Astounding Science Fiction Magazine.
Hollywood hasn’t really done anything big in the time travel genre for a long time. Time travel did gain some buzz when it was a plot in the 2019 blockbuster Avengers: End Game, but purists still won’t call it a time travel movie.
In fact, we have seen a couple of time loop films like Groundhog Day and Live, Die, Repeat. Even streaming platforms warmed towards the time loop movies.
But even they remained aloof from the time travel movies. It’s good to see that big names like James Wan and Derek Kolstad are trying their hands at this forgotten genre.
With the lockdown all over the world, it will be difficult to conjure updates and timelines for productions, and big productions like this one. Because its a time travel movie, we can already understand that this is a big-budget movie.
The good news is that the lockdown is becoming softer in many places in the world, and the world is looking forward to get back to what they do the best – work.

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