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Dangerous Lies Review: Silly But Entertaining


Netflix has come up with some more entertainment during the Lockdown. Dangerous Lies, starring Camila Mendes and Jessie T Usher as a down and broke couple whose life changes drastically. The movie has the look and feel of the low rent trope that stashed all over the DVD collection back in the nineties (Wild Things, I’m looking at you). That’s because the director of Dangerous Lies is a Hallmark regular, Michael Scott. The script is by David Golden. Here’s our complete review of the suspense thriller, Dangerous Lies.

Dangerous Lies Plot

Katie and Adam are a young married couple. Katie’s working as a waitress and Adam is studying so he can get a good job. Their life takes a turn for the worse when they are involved in a stick-up situation at the restaurant that Katie works. Adam disarms the armed robber.  For reasons unknown, Adam drops out of school. Katie is now working as a caregiver to an 88-year-old man, Leonard.  The couple is broke and Leonard finds out. Leonard pays off their debt and they gear up for a better life when Leonard is found dead in his house.
Katie and Adam’s life turns from one surprise to another, when they find cash and other valuables stashed in the house. The final surprise is when a lawyer turns up and says that Leonard had given the mansion to Katie and Adam. However, things are not as hunky-dory as they should be. A suspicious real estate agent begins to hound Katie, saying that someone wants to buy the house.
An investigating officer finds it uncanny that Adam is involved in two police incidents in a spate of six months.  All this and more makes Katie think about it all. What’s the truth? You’ll find out when you watch the movie.

Watch Trailer:


And watch it you should, if you are looking for some silly, harmless fun thriller movie that’s a time drain. Dangerous Lies isn’t just a good movie for the Lockdown times, it is a good movie, period.  The characters, the story – even though trope – is perfect for a VOD release once every year or so.
The Netflix Original movie ticks off all the right boxes of a generic entertainer. The screenplay’s tight enough to keep you engaged. David Golden creates an iron-clad script that has the right curves and secret tumbles. Performances are good enough for you to connect with the characters, if not care for them. Everything about this movie makes you stop your scroll fest and watch it for the entire playtime.
The hallmark of a good suspense script ar the false alarms and the blindsides that look as good as the real thing. I can actually visualize David chuckling as he places one of the false alarms (a photograph of a crime scene) in the middle of the movie. That’s the director and the scriptwriter having fun with the audience, and that’s always a good thing.
What the movie does lack is the confidence to go above its niche and punch above its weight. With the solid direction and performances, the audiences are ready for a big reveal and a twist that takes the movie out of the darkness and into the light.
Movie NameDangerous Lies
CastCamila Mendes, Jessie T Usher, Jamie Chung, Cam Gigandet, Sasha Alexander, Elliot Gould
DirectorMichael Scott
WriterDavid Golden
ProducerMargaret Huddelston, Stephane Slack
Year of Release2020

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