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Betaal is a Miniseries With a 3 Hour Runtime

Betaal is a Miniseries With a 3 Hour Runtime
Betaal is a Miniseries With a 3 Hour Runtime

Betaal, the Netflix original horror webseries is one of the most anticipated ones. Its generated considerable buzz after the trailer hit social media. Information about Betaal is trickling along in bits and pieces. IHC brings you the latest updates from the world of horror fiction.
We recently caught up with Patrick Graham, the creator of Betaal. During the discussion, Patrick revealed the duration of the web series – 3 hours.  That’s less that half the duration of a typical Netflix webseries. In fact, Patrick’s previous series for Netflix, Ghoul, was also four episodes. Netflix termed it a mini-series. There’s no clarification from Netflix about whether the series is a mini-series or a full fledged webseries.

Watch Betaal Official Trailer here:

In Betaal, Vineet Kumar plays the chief of a team of mercernaries hired to clear off an entire village and blast off an entire tunnel. The villager dissaude him from doing so, but his contractor (Jitendra Joshi) will have none of it. Unknown to both of them, an evil power that controls a zombie army resides in the tunnel. The villagers are trying to save them and everyone ele.
This could be a one-off. Or, this could be Netflix bowing to the wishes of a particular director to work in very short format. Or, it could be something that Netflix is open to doing in the future. After all, its Netflix that commissions stuff. So they can easily say that they are commissioning only four episode mini-series and not the ones that made the term bingeing popular in India.

The streaming industry is definitely going to change once the lockdown opens up, as the entire entertainment industry is bracing for a complete overhaul. Some content creators are already of the opinion that the eight hour format is difficult to cater to, because audiences have already begun to consume entire webseries in a day.

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